Monday, May 2, 2011

A-Line Upcycle

My first dress pattern...

...I bought my first pattern, it's a book called "Absolute A-Line" it's one pattern and 
supposedly you can make 26 different dresses, if you add a ruffle here, a button there, a tie here, or an applique there I guess you could probably make more than 26 different 
dresses depending on how creative you are. I just wanted a basic A-Line 
dress pattern that had both Kinzy and Katelynn's sizes that had a few different 
suggestions for decorating it. I guess you could say I got what I wanted,
but I am sure there are better books out there so look around before
running out and buying this one. 

  The pattern and instructions were easy to use but it didn't seem $20. worth to me, I opened the book and thought every dress in there was ugly except for maybe two. Anyways, like I said the pattern was easy to use and it came with multiple sizes which is what I wanted, so overall I am pretty happy with it.

 This dress I decided to do two projects in one. I made a Up cycled dress from a man's shirt and a practice basic A-Line dress to see how well my skills are. I don't think it turned out that bad, I would probably fiddle with the inside bottom of the arm holes to keep them put better, but otherwise I am ready to buy my cute fabric and make another one.

This is a light fabric and doesn't hold it's shape very well so next time I will try a little heavier fabric, but I think it will make good summer dress for playing in.