Friday, September 23, 2011

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

Here is the Mod Podge notebook I promised to post. I made it to go with all the binder clips and clothes pins I made can check out more binder clips and clothes pins I made here...Christmas Stocking Stuffers or here Multipurpose Binder Clips & Clothes Pins.

I was discovering Mod Podge and went crazy with it. I had so much fun. This set turned out kinda cute I think I will  save this set for a quick gift. If you like to glue and paste this craft is definitely for you...give it a try.  


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Soap Dispensers

BOO! Gotcha! (8
Here is a very cheap and clean (8 way to decorate the bathroom this October with these frightfully cute Halloween soap dispensers. 

The kiddos will love them as well as your guest. Use them all October and then throw them away or save for them for next year and refill again and again.  

Place them on your kitchen sink for a spooky fun decoration. One thing is for sure, these creepy crawlers will strike up a conversation where ever you place them!

Check out more ideas at Brown Paper Packages or click on this link holiday soap & lotion


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back To School

Mod Podge notebooks are quick and easy to make just in time for back to school.
Lately, I have been Mod Podging ANYTHING I can get my hands on and these back to school  
notebooks are no exception!

With a little scrapbook paper, cheap notebooks, Mod Podge, and a sponge brush you can make these too.

They are great for back to school gifts. 

The kiddos seem to love them too. You can personalize them with their initial, name, or favorite theme or character.

Or just use them to help keep yourself organized like I do. (8


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rose Bouquet

I absolutely LOVE how this Rose Bouquet Pendant turned out! I have been so busy making lots of these little Scrabble Tile Pendants. They are great gifts, I just made some for a skull/zebra birthday party prize give away for the kiddos at the party. I also made some others for birthday gifts. 

These are so versatile you can pick any design, picture or logo...that is so cool!

I love these pretty. Who doesn't love flowers?

Keep an eye out for more pendants soon.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Indianapolis Colts

Calling all you Peyton Manning fans of the Indianapolis Colts...

This ones for the guys, (or girls?), my nephew Bryce loves Peyton Manning and since football season has officially started, so has all the bantering of teams who are going to the Super Bowel this year...We ALL know Greenbay is taking it again this year...GO PACK GO! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. (8

So, with football season here, I thought what a great birthday card, right?

Simple, easy, and done the old fashion hand and with love!
Happy football watching! (8


Friday, September 9, 2011

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Getting started on those Christmas Stocking Stuffers? These Christmas themed Binder Clips
and Clothes Pins are great for stocking stuffers 

and are useful clips for all your holiday baking supplies. 

They make great chip clips, (I always have a supply on hand). 

Personalize them with the recipients initial.

Decorate them to whatever the occasion, birthdays, weddings and holidays.

 Add a name and add on and clip it to a napkin as a place setting name holder. Make sets and give them as party favors.

Decorate them with add ons like tags, flowers or ribbon and attach them to all your 
holiday baked goodies for your neighbors and friends. 

Add a name then add them to your gift wrapped packages to make a beautiful package 
presentation. Please, if you decide to make some, link back to this post and share your pictures, I would love to see what you come up with.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Diva Birthday Card

The Diva Birthday Card!

...and gift card holder makeover. I rarely buy greeting cards anymore unless I am in a pinch. I always try to have a stock of cards on hand that I can pull out when needed and personalize.  

I made matching Binder Clips and Clothespin clips to match. Check them out in my side bar under the label Mod Podge.

Outside had the best lighting today..., while I was in the backyard taking pictures...

...I ran into a local sunbather, just chillin' by the pool and waterfalls, and he looked oh so relaxed... least until I came along with my camera! TE HE HE Sorry Lou!
Have a great  day &

Monday, September 5, 2011

Multipurpose Binder Clips & Clothes Pins

I love Mod Podge! I simply can not get enough of it lately. These cute Mickey Mouse
Binder Clips and Clothes Pins are so useful around the house, I use them for EVERYTHING!
Now, I have CUTE and USEFUL...that makes me (8 (smile)! With that said, I just came across a saying today that I love... "I just want to make BEAUTIFUL things, who cares if anyone understands" it! 

I made a pen and notebook too. Here is the pen the notebook if your curious will be coming soon in another post under the label Mod Podge in my side bar. They make great gift sets
for teachers and students or anybody on your list who likes to stay organized. The notebook and pen I use for shopping lists. I use the large Binder Clips for chip clips while the medium Binder Clips work well for smaller less bulky items.

To make them a little more personable I added the receivers initial, it can also stand for Mickey. LOL

I can never have too many of these around my house.

The large Clothes Pins are great chip clips too, I also find them helpful when sewing instead of straight pins or saving my page when reading (the mini Clothes Pins are great for both of these things as well), or add a magnet to the back to make a useful reminder clip on the refrigerator door. 

I sometimes even use them to keep my clothes on their hangers so I don't find a blouse or two on the closet floor. They are useful for the end of the toothpaste tube as well. 

I made a matching birthday card and gift card holder to go with these pretties, watch for the post coming soon under the label cards in my side bar.

another view.

and another.

Are these just not the cutes, you can also use these on gift bags or plants with a note anywhere 
that you can use a cute little clip. Make them even cuter with add ons like a little flower and a piece of ribbon or maybe a tag with a name on it. The possibilities are endless!

I have decided I am keeping these ones for myself! I may use add ons later.

OK! OK! Remember earlier I said I have been Mod Podging anything I can get my hands on? I bet 
you thought I was kidding huh? I wasn't kidding!...Let's get one thing straight I do not smoke or condone it in anyway, I just couldn't help myself and wanted to see if would work and... know plenty of yep "Smokers" YUK!  Making these even surprised me! But hey, personalize them and they make great stocking stuffers!