Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Barbie clothes

So, I'm almost embarrassed to say "YES" I've been making Barbie clothes, because what I've found is  there are some hardcore Barbie people out there! "NO" I don't own any Barbie dolls myself, "WAIT" unless you count the one I bought at the dollar store so I could use her as my model." WAIT A MINUTE"..."OR" the Ken doll my husband found in his office...the guys at work thought it was only fair, if his secretaries bring their Barbies to work, he should have one too so naturally I inherited Ken ...actually my niece Katie is the one with all the Barbie's, she probably has dozens of Barbies. This little girl asks for a new Barbie every birthday, holiday and every opportunity she finds fit. With that said Barbie probably needs some clothes.
 I started thinking back when I was a little girl, my older sister Marlene gave me all of her Barbie's, this was big, I wasn't even allowed to touch them up to this point and now they were going to be ALL mine! Marlene was very creative, keep in mind we didn't have a lot of money, my mom was a single mother of eight kids, and I came to terms that Santa wasn't dropping off Barbies Dream House anytime soon. Marlene's creativity was nothing more than pure genius to me, she would come up with ways to make our own Barbie Dream House, with empty toilet paper rolls and wash cloths, Barbie had couch's and bed's, with bottle caps as dishes, and if my mom only knew we were cutting up our clothes so Barbie could have clothes living with Barbie probably would have ended. Marlene showed me how she made Barbie's closet out of a cardboard box, she even had a place for all of her shoes, and reminded me how Barbie always loses them and that I needed to make sure Barbie put them back into her closet so that they wouldn't get lost. I remember her spending most of the day showing me endless possibilities on how
Barbie could have it all with just a little creativity.

With one semester in 7th grade of Home Economics and a sewing project here and there with my step mom I had the bare basics of sewing down when I started sewing again in the last year or so, and what I found was Barbie clothes are a great beginner project because I know understand how garmets are pieced together. I think this Green and brown dress would make a cute summer dress for an adult after all it's only a bodice with darts and a skirt attached and there are so many variations of this dress you could make...I just might have to try it! If you do try to make Barbie clothes they can be a little tricky because they are so small, but just remember they are for Barbie and the little girl who receives them is going to think you are sooooo cool, so see, it's a win win situation once you get past the thought of "You're such a nerd, you're making Barbie clothes".
 Here's a few more...Have a good day ya' all.

                                                        WHAT? ... Barbie needs PJ's too!

                                               ...and a bathing suit or under garmets

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