Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dolly's For Haiti-dolly #4

Day 4 of A Dolly A Day!

Dolly's For Haiti - Dolly #4 ...The great thing about about Sarah's patterns over at Dolly Donations (see my side bar for her link), is that she creates them so that you can use up your scraps that! All my dolls were create by fabric I already had in my bin labeled scraps. 

 I decided to try embroidering their faces since I knew I'm not much of a painter, felt well, just wouldn't work since I used felt for their hair and Do-Rags, so I thought back to third grade when me and my friends would make sock monkeys...yes I said sock monkeys. :)   

I had some fabric flowers laying around and decided to use them on this dolly, I think it worked well with the color pallet. Check back tomorrow for dolly #5 for A Dolly A Day!

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