Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elmo Birthday Party

Last year for Kinzy's First Birthday, her mom and dad threw her an Elmo Birthday Party and her mom asked me to come up with an outfit for the party.  I started off making this tutu, I had never made one before but it was super easy, all you need is tule in your choice of colors, (I used red and white from Joann's), and a spool of big red satin ribbon for the bow. At first I thought I would try tying the tule to a length of the red ribbon that would fit around her waist, but later decided to use an elastic headband that was soft and very stretchy, it work perfect! Add a big satin bow (sew it on) and there you have it, a tutu.
Then I decided she needed a shirt, I had seen a really cute embroidered Elmo shirt somewhere awhile back, and I have made quit a few iron shirts in the past, so naturally I thought I would make an Iron-on. Using Elmo's head or body, then add a little text with the birthday girls name and you have a really cute, inexpensive t-shirt. I made a really big flower head band to match using stuff I already had on hand, and there you have a cute little birthday outfit  for the birthday girl.
 There were no tutorials involved here, as I searched for Elmo ideas I came across similar styles to this outfit, most had party hats and embroidered Elmo's, you can even buy them online but they were much more than I wanted to spend and I knew I could get the look for less if I made it myself.
Here is a picture of the birthday girl...she just woke up from a nap, the party was at the park and it was really hot, so she just wore a diaper under her tutu, she didn't even want to wear her shoes or the headband!
This year it's Minnie Mouse!

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