Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dollies For Haiti -Dolly #3

Here is my little boy dolly, well the first of three. These little shoes and shorts are patterns given along with the doll patterns themselves.  Cute huh? Sarah over at Dolly Donations, (you can find her on my side bar), is very talented, she creates all the dolly patterns herself, there is even different levels for how well you sew. I chose the beginner, but switched it up a little with shoes and shorts and threw in a few of my own ideas like the little heart on the hand.

I think the heart is really cute because it's the first thing you notice when you see the dolly waiting for a great big hug...I sure hope the kids love it too!

I still consider myself a beginner sewer, but these dollies are coming together fairly quickly. I never was one who liked to read the instructions, I just figure it out as I go along. Gradually the dolly making is getting easier, by the time I get to dolly #8 I should for sure have it down. Come back tomorrow to see dolly #4! 

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