Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In the last year I have been experimenting with a new creative outlet, Photography. Here it's all about black and white. 
Doesn't this baby make you want to cook? I love this range. We did a complete kitchen remodel a few years ago, and my husband insisted we buy it, I thought, "Are you crazy?  I can be very frugal at times :). However, my opinion has changed and  I am very happy that he won this time...don't tell him I said that!

Look a new pedicure!
This is Louie, our 8 year old English Bulldog/adorable model.

Last year my dad gave me one of his many cameras, a Konica Minolta 7D DSLR, I was so excited! Before, I had only used a Cannon PowerShot (CPS), I would recommend this little camera to anyone, it's light weight, small enough to fit into your pocket, and if you play around in manual you can really manipulate it to get some great shots. My husband and I each bought a CPS in 2006 for a trip we took to Italy, (we are down to one now because my husband dropped mine into the tide pools in Laguna Beach, the camera was ruined but luckily the card was saved), it is a great all around camera and perfect for traveling. Back in 2004 we traveled to China and found that a bigger camera means you carry more stuff and no one wanted to carry it. The CPS has no extra bags or bulk and takes really good pictures. Disposable cameras, "HA!", I am embarrassed to say we took several with us to China and bought even more while we were there, luckily a friend also a photographer, brought his camera took lots of great shots and gave us copies of all his photo's. Disposable camera's are trash people don't waste your money!  
LOL, like you didn't know that right? 
These were all taken on the CPS... 
Look at that face! :) He makes me smile every time I see him.

So, I have only taken one weekend crash course in photography with my new DSLR, and figured I better get to knowing this thing inside and out before doing a longer more detailed course. This thing has a lot of options and has even helped me to understand my point and shoot better. The CPS isn't intimidating anymore and makes me pull out the DSLR to see if I can create the same shot. They are actually fun to use together in that way.


  1. Is there any chance you could give me some info on the stove? Make, model etc. It's looks like what I'm looking for.

    1. Hi Brett sorry it took so long. The make is a Thermador Professional Series Gas Range and the model # is PRG48GDH. You will love it, we enjoy using the grill and use it almost every night, while the griddle is good for those special breakfast mornings or making hot sandwiches. One thing too know is we had to buy all new pots and pans LOL the handles kept burning. Good Luck!