Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mmmm chocolates!

mmmmmm chocolates! These cute little chocolates were a FREE cut file I found on 
SVG Cuts...

but I decided I wanted to cut them out by hand...

...who needs a cut file when you can do it the old fashion way!
No really these were super easy to cut out by hand, but if you wanted to make lots of 
chocolates then I would go download the file. 

I just wanted a simple card to go with a real box of chocolates,

and look how cute they turned out!
                       A simple yummy chocolate bithday greeting. Sometimes its just easier to DIY it.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Personalized Hair Clip Holder

I made this Personalized Hair Clip Holder for my niece Dana awhile ago because every time I saw her she had those  plastic baby barrettes in her hair LOL she's 19.  At first it was going to be as a joke (because I'm a jokester) (8 ...that is where the lips and crown also come into play...but then I thought these are far better than those ugly plastic barrettes and maybe even I would wear these...I definitely would wear the black flower bobby pins, but of course I ran out of the fabric. (8 oh well next time, right? 

I love making felt hair clips they are so much fun and easy to make, (you can check other felt clips I have made in my side bar under PROJECTS, then click on HAIR STUFF). These are simple but very cute and I thought could replace those ugly plastic barrettes she always wears. 

I love these black satin flower bobby pins...I actually saw some for $24. dollars the other day...WOWSER!! These were my first try and I only had a small scrap of black satin. I  also had enough to make a big flower that I attached to a headband (really cute!) I forgot to take a picture before I gave it away to my niece Heather...darn it! I also gave her some really cute felt Hello Kitty clips I forgot to take pictures of...its such a bummer when I do that, I have made some really cute items that I do not have pictures of wha! wha! 

LOVE these!

These are mini fabric covered button bobby pins...they are really cute when they are placed in your hair.

This is the whole thing minus the really cute flower headband and Hello Kitty Clips. These are really cute gifts for all the little girls you know and the big ones too...they seem to love them! 

        It is super easy and cheap to make your own hair clips, just in case you need a little help making them or just a little more inspiration, there are lots of tutorials out on the net so go look around!