Monday, April 25, 2011

Hair Bows, Headbands & Ponies Oh My!

Hair Bows, headbands and  Ponies for Kinzy.

She loved these Dora and Boots clippies so much she carried Dora 
around with her the rest of the day. Nope she didn't wear Dora she 
carried her all the way to Grandmas house. 

These  Tuxedo Bows were really easy to make thanks to my 
handy hot glue gun...perfect from a scrap piece of ribbon.

These headbands are really cute on, I love the simplicity of them.

I just added rhinestones to these little clips, I just love sparkle.

Furry Friend bow :)

A popsicle just in time for summer! I saw this idea on Etsy awhile back.

I think these little ponies would look cute on 
Fourth of July. Check back for more, have a
great day & 

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  1. Hello there, Do you happen to have a pattern for Dora and Boots that you would be willing to share?

    Thank you!