Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Minnie Mouse party dress

The Party Girl Dress
Kinzy's 2nd birthday is just around the corner and 
the birthday girl needed a new dress for the occasion. I had both of these fabrics and ribbon on hand, I seen something similar awhile back, and wanted to sew up something quick and easy since I am still a beginner.  I have made this pillow case style dress once before and I knew it sews up rather quickly.

Katie, her big sister, loves Minnie Mouse too. I wanted to make her an outfit to wear to her little sisters birthday party...but what to make...a matching dress? ...a matching skirt? ...a matching tunic? I know a matching tshirt...yeah! I even had the tshirt on hand and have been wanting to try some appliques so this was perfect.

This little knit skirt I have been wanting to try making for awhile now, the idea came from over at Lil Blue Boo Recycled T-Shirt Ruffle Skirt/Skort ePattern is an up cycle from a tshirt I never wore and has been sitting in my drawer forever, it's nothing more than a yoga style waist band and strips of fabric I cut out, I just left the bottom of the shirt, I liked the white peeking out under at the bottom of the skirt. The picture is kinda hard to see but it's a ruffle layer top stitched with a raw edge. Take a look at the link for a better picture.


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