Wednesday, April 20, 2011

oOdles of clippies

I also made oOdles of felt hair clippies for the birthday girl.

All of theses hair clips are hand sewn. Some designed by me and some ideas from very talented 
people online. They are very easy to make and pretty much anything goes, they are just time consuming
or maybe it's just because I have made so many of them, heck, I am still making them but for Katie now.

These ice cream cones are one of my favorites.

                                                How about some cows? MOOOOOO!

I love these cute little flowers too, Kinzy is wearing another version of these in her hair in the 
picture above.

Another version of flower.

These little birdies I think are just TWEET!

caterpillars, I found this cute idea online

Kinzy has plenty of new hair accessories now, heck these are not all of them, 
I will post more later. 


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