Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vinyl and Damask Wood Blocks

Vinyl and Damask Wood Blocks.

Last year I started a little wood working...something I have enjoyed since
 my first wood shop class in High School. This is a simple wood 
project using scrapbook paper, vinyl lettering cut from my electric 
cutter, a little paint and decoupage. I knew I wanted to make something
 with theses elements and found the idea looking around on the net. 

I made this as a gift, but struggled with giving this one away...I just 
loved the way it turned out! (8

While taking my photos I have been experimenting with lighting.
 My pictures are always turning out yellow ugh! Then, I did
 some research on lighting and decided to make a light box. I added
 some lights and different backgrounds to see what I could come up
with...hmm much better than all the yellow pictures I had been taking.
 They still need some work but I think they are getting a little better.

I turned the fabric over to the back gave it a vintage look.

Here is some of the yellowing IN the box...UGH!

These were really fun and a quick unique gift to make...I think I am going 
to go make more!


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