Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Girls Dress

When I found this tutorial Authentic Toddler Wear at Moda's Bake shop I was like WOW I want to sew with THAT fabric! I never knew they made such beautiful fabrics, (since I've discovered Amy Butler and OMGosh I want to buy it all!), since I had no sewing experience and no imagination yet on what it could look like with other fabrics LOL I bought the same fabric as the tutorial but made a few tweeks here and there like making it for a 1st grader instead of a toddler and putting her initial on it, which she thought was so cool. I love the finished dress and Katelynn does too, and when she wears it, people always asks her about it, she says, "my aunt made it for me" :), now that's worth sewing!

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