Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruffle Toddler Shorts

I decided to use the same idea and tutorial from my Simple Toddler Shorts
to make these Ruffle Toddler Shorts. I used up cycled fabric from 
a pair of cargo pants and scrap fabric used for the ruffles, some buy Muslim
I use up cycled fabric to make a practice pair or to get my sewing skills where 
I think they should be before giving a project as a gift. 

It works great and 
heck I bet if you look around your house too you will find lots of things to up cycle. 
Up cycling not only works with fabric, there are lots of things in your house
with a little creativity that can be up-cycled into something beautiful or fun. Give it a try
you not only re purpose something you are not using anymore but you are recycling 
as well. 

Now I just hope they fit! (8


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