Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello Kitty

I use to LOVE Hello Kitty when I was a kid, it is so cool to see it popular again! These are made from scrabble tiles...I know right, how awesome! Well, I can say that because I did not come up with awesome idea...I was inspired by the many talented crafters in blog world and if I could think of one that stood out more it would be  Etsy stores like ImJewelee where I bought all of my supplies.     

Super cute right?

Super easy to make!

You can put ANY custom image you want on them! 

I made this one for Katelynn the birthday girl!

I even made some for all her little girlfriends!

They LOVED them (8!

Buying Sterling Chains for the adults would make a cute and unique gift in a pinch!


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