Monday, February 27, 2012

Casserole Carrier

I made these casserole carriers for family members at christmas 
time. I made three, that was all I had time to make. If you look closely
 the bottom two were made with a double sided quilted fabric. I DON'T 
recommend using this type of fabric for this project as it made it harder 
to sew. At $20./yd just think of all the cute fabrics I 
COULD HAVE bought. 

However, if you are a more experienced sewer or have worked with this 
type of fabric before you might know a few little tricks to make it a more 
pleasant sewing experience.

I bought this apple fabric awhile back thinking I might make the girls a 
skirt or maybe aprons for their play kitchen, but when I went to make these 
gifts I remembered their moms kitchen was done in a apple theme and 
thought "how perfect!"

This is the tricky fabric I was telling you about...

...I bought it because I was looking for something a little less bright 
with pretty colors. The fabric had the quilting already in it, so it 
might save some time right?  NO, it actually created other problems. 
Not to mention, I had to get creative making sure I had enough fabric to 
finish the project. Since, I was getting frustrated I went ahead to make an
 oven mitt, not a good idea if you are not sure you have enough fabric 
to make your original project. In the end I was pretty happy with how 
they turned out and REALLY proud I hung in there to finish and send 
them off. I was happy to know hear they were well received...
...WHEW lesson learned...keep it simple!

Another variation of the one above with a oven mitt included.

I etched the last name of the receiver on the side of the dish but forgot
 to take a picture of it...sorry, but if you go here and here you can get the idea 
and a tutorial of how I made these.

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