Thursday, February 23, 2012

It has been a while...

It has been awhile since I last made a post and these two little one's are partially the reason why.
Let me introduce them...

...This is Bo, our now 10 month old Yorkie (4 months old in this picture), he is cute and knows how to get what he wants (he watches Louie closely), he is a momma's boy, loves snuggling, is very playful and very vocal (whimpers, whines, growls, barks-mostly when playing), is fearless and ALL boy...he's the one who starts all the chaos. 

When we brought them home, G made a bed for each of them out of a large cereal box...they decided sharing was better. Good boys (8

This is Diesel our 11 month old Morkie, (he's 5months in this picture), he has VERY soft fur, is very skittish, can hear the mailman a mile away...he is a barker, he is lovable, loves snuggling, can jump really high, is very delicate unless he is wrestling with Bo, is fearful and a shaker, (he's growing out of this part), he loves homemade doggy biscuits and lifting his leg on everything )8...yeah were working on that!

When we first brought them home they managed to chew every baseboard corner in the house...Thank goodness we broke them of that! There is the possibility there just were no more corners to chew and we are taking the credit! LOL By the looks of this picture Bo may have been the culprit. 

Yes, G and I think we have lost our minds...we have 3 dogs now. This is Louie our 9 year old English Bulldog and sometimes he doesn't know what to make of all the snuggles, but enjoys when Bo wants to play chase and we all enjoy when Bo wants to sleep. So, now we have them all potty trained, we are working on the leg lifting thing with Diesel still and taking them to get fixed next week. If I can only get them to go in one spot outside everything would be good...going under my patio furniture doesn't work for me. GRRRR!


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