Friday, February 24, 2012

Hop Scotch Mat

Hop Scotch Mat (the copycat version)...I found a picture of a hopscotch 
mat like this one online somewhere and saved the picture because 
I knew I wanted  to make one for Katelynn as a gift. My husband picked up
 a drop cloth for around $8. at Lowe's for me and I had plenty of felt on hand.  

This project was pretty much about deciding how long and wide I wanted my
 mat and how large I wanted my squares and numbers, of course I forgot to take 
picture of the steps to make this project, but I will do my best to 
explain it...really it was very simple. 

First, I laid out my drop cloth on the floor. Then, I laid out 10-12x12 scrapbook
 sheets of paper on the drop cloth in a hopscotch pattern and traced around
 them leaving about a 4 inch border all the way around the mat, this would also
 be a good time to cut your drop cloth so it is easier to work with,(remember to 
cut a seam allowance for turning and sewing up the sides 1/4").  Next, I cut 
several long strips of felt with a rotary cutter and ruler for the chalk outline and 
I sewed them onto my traced outline on the mat. Then, on my computer I went into
 my fonts printed and cut out the numbers 0-9 in the font of my choice. 
Next, I traced the numbers onto my felt and cut out all the numbers,
 (be sure to trace and cutout the number 1 twice so that you now have the numbers 1-10). 
Then, I sewed my numbers on the mat in the center of the squares. Next, I made three 
felt bean bags with Katie's Initial in three different colors so her sister and friends 
can play Hop Scotch with her. Finally, I sewed on two long ties onto one end 
of the mat, so that the mat could be rolled up and tied for storage, and there you have it 
a special gift for a special little girl OR boy.

Here it is all rolled up and tied. originally I was going to make a easy draw 
string bag for the mat and bean bags to be stored in, but then changed my mind. 
I think the drawstring bag would make a cute gift bag as well as a storage bag.
 You can find an easy drawstring bag tutorial here.


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